Dear Civil Engineer

Today, an engineering or technical degree does not necessarily lead to a job, much less to a stable career. Skill development needs to start and education needs to be tailored to future needs. With more than half of India's graduates struggling with basic employability skills, how do we get them ready for a future that require so much more than just technical knowledge? Instead of memory, graduates will have to learn supreme analytical skills. Instead of framing questions with phrases such as 'define' and 'describe', ask students/ graduates to' analyse', 'interpret’ and 'apply'. You need to know to convert knowledge into understanding. Otherwise you will gain a degree, but not an education that makes you prepared to face the future career. It becomes important for us to focus on teaching 'how to learn and how to build lifelong learning habit'. One method to sharpen this habit is through design thinking. "Design thinking is systematic approach to problem solving; at its heart are empathy and creativity". It will help graduates become future ready and help them create innovative and sustainable solutions. Learning Beyond... is essential to bridge up the gap of practice and future needs.

Civil Engineering